Welcome to my fellow conservatives! This newly created blog is intended to bring discussion and concord within the republican ranks.  I welcome discussion from all political backgrounds and would promote healthy conversation on any and all political, economic, and social issues during this time of American economic resurgence.  I will plan to post daily comments with subject content derived from recent political and socioeconomic developments.

The American conservative movement is at a perilous crossroad.  The George W. Bush-era, widely seen as one of the largest disasters of conservative advancement, has created a widening rift within the conservative ranks.  In addition, the birth of the Tea Party movement, advocates of strict adherence to literal constitutional interpretation, drastic reduction in government deficit and spending, and unintended charges of bigotry and intolerance, have divided the right-wing alliance.  This has undermined the ability for the Republican Party to effectively recruit the lost membership base that is now considered an Independent swing  assemblage of conservative values.

We must hold accountability to those who promise change.  I dedicate this blog to the resurgence of american conservative values. The american liberal base who believe that socialist ideals will cure the recent economic downturn and revitalize a prosperous middle class have been misled by a dissident leftist coalition bread to strip the wealth of self-made american prosperity.  Those who wish to balance the scales of wealth must first earn a seat at the table of success.

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