Obama: Israeli Dissident

The White House declined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request on Tuesday to meet U.S. President Barack Obama. This will be the first time in the history of the Obama Presidency that the Israeli Prime Minister, when visiting the United States, has been declined an audience with the president. When looking at the face of this decision you can’t help but interpret the negative effects this has on the Iranian security threat to Israel and its western allies. It is quite ironic that this announcement comes days after the controversial democratic convention platform change to include God and the disputed Israeli capital city of Jerusalem. Haaretz, an iconic Israeli newspaper, recently published an article by Barak Ravid and Natasha Mozgovaya is quoted, “The White House’s response marks a new low in relations between Netanyahu and Obama”.  You must ask yourself, how President Obama can decide on one hand to indirectly support Israel by advocating a drastic and unprecedented democratic convention platform change and on the other hand slap the Israeli leadership in the face by denying an audience.  The answer lies in the political game play to allure the independent conservative swing vote by using artificial and temporary campaign platform adjustments.  Obama must realize that the conservative movement is shrewd enough to see through this political game play.  We can see an Islamic enthusiast from afar.  Obama has campaigned on “change”, but what I see is a repeat failure of the Carter administration’s attempt to solve the Middle East peace process conundrum.  To put our domestic economy and security at stake to attempt to solve a thousand years of dissidence within an eight year presidential stretch is irrational and outright egoistic.  If you give Iran an inch they will take a mile.  Don’t let Obama use devil advocacy to sway your vote.

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